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If you are interested in joining, contact kimb@pointshealthcoaching.com, and an invoice will be sent upon confirmation.

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ENJOY 6% discount on submitting doctor’s referral along with doctor’s identification info.

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Couples or Groups of 3-5 individuals:Per agreement (6% discount if physician referral and identification info included) keep in mind that couples and groups are less individual-specific but do offer a degree of peer support.

*All above are monthly payment plans

However, keep in mind that what begins as a group may become an individual session as members may need to change their schedule, in which case the cost is slightly more for an individual session. Either monthly plan or full plan must be paid in full prior to starting the program.

INSURANCE ENTITIES AND DEPARTMENTS OF HEALTH: Provider agreements available for groups and or individuals for “Health Coaching.” Proof of cost savings available; risk reduction/ diagnosis groups magnify cost savings

For more information, email: kimb.wpt@gmail.com

DDid you know that chronic pain affects 60 million people worldwide? Throw away the burden of chronic pain with Points Health Coaching.

Restorative Therapy to Steer You the Right Way Through Pain Management

Restorative therapy is a collective term used for a range of treatments, including psychological, psychiatric, physical, speech, and occupational. The goal is to prevent illnesses that adversely impact the quality of life of an individual by maintaining psycho-social, mental, physical health, and full-body, aka holistic health.

Restorative therapy helps improve the patient's condition via pain management. If not improved, a restorative therapy coach can help patients maintain their current condition without any further declines.

Points Health Coaching offers holistic health coaching programs in Albuquerque that can direct you through restorative programs that promote psycho-social, mental, and physical well-being through holistic methods. Our restorative therapy coach hopes to support patients in making a full recovery post-surgery through quality care.

Get Help with Functional Nutrition from a Holistic Health Coach Online

Our holistic health coaches in Albuquerque approaches you with lifestyle and dietary changes after studying nutritional patterns in the following way:

Functional nutrition makes use of food as medicine by drafting a highly customized plan for eating that helps the individual boost health and wellness. It can also be used to reverse or prevent the onset of chronic diseases.

Participating in this program means you get to identify problematic substances and deficiencies in your body in a functional and realistic way. This may or may not involve a process of elimination where you explore the areas of your life that may be directly or indirectly responsible for certain diseases. Restorative therapy is identifying such problems and addressing them before or after they’ve led to chronic illness.

Our holistic health coaching approach will take care of everything in one place.No need to worry.
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