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Points of Transformation is about more than just fitness. We take a holistic approach to health coaching, restorative therapy, and nutrition information. Our weight loss coaches in Albuquerque helps you grow your own health autonomy with research-backed methods to achieve a true health transformation that is individual-specific, open-minded, and non-biased.

The POT-WHC program goes beyond 'weight loss' and 'calorie counting'. It focuses on the three pillars of appropriate individualized movement protocols, personalized food management information (FMI) and support of the brain-mind physiology. We will help you improve your health, metabolism, weight loss, and you will also get a free session in blood flow restriction training upon completion of the 6-month program.

A holistic health coach at POT-WHC can help in more ways than one. They're not your average online weight loss coach because helping you lose weight might be a goal, but only while putting health and wellness at the front and center. Our online health and wellness coach identifies your unique points of transformation and strategizes your weight loss plan in a way that would bring you as close to your natural state as possible. Their health and wellness coaching would help you live a healthier, more sustainable life through new and old approaches.

Discover your idea of a truly healthy life and avoid potential illness. Sign up for holistic health coaching in Albuquerque at POT-WHC.


The Points of Transformation program focuses on the collaborative approach of using multiple disciplines as the best practice, most comprehensive and effective way to guide a client.

Use of Visualization in POT-WHC

The health and wellness points program uses visualization to aid each client on an individual basis in imagining aspects of their growth constructively and positively. The online coach withdraws elements from each session’s theme and homework to expand with the client and offer focus and clarity on specific aspects of health and wellness.

Use of Food Management Information

Efficacious information is studied, shared, and explored objectively for the individual needs of the client for weight loss, which is followed by the application of the information with proper discussion and strategizing. The selection of strategies can also include further consultation with online coaches and other professionals.

Our holistic health coaching approach will take care of everything in one place.No need to worry.
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Contact: Cell 505-550-4578 text/ voice message Email: Kimb.wpt@gmail.com

Wholistic Health Coaching


Appropriate Individualized Movement Protocols


Personalized Food Management Information


Support of the Brain-Mind Physiology


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